Hi! My name is Catherine. I am from Montréal but I live in Toronto now with my wonderful partner Matt and our two cats. I speak French and English and sometimes when I’m confused a bit of both at the same time. I love many things including riding my bicycle around town (usually with a bag of groceries on the shoulder), spring and fall, wearing skirts, warm sweaters and scarves, reading the newspapers, camping, french movies and obviously cooking and eating. After a lot of recipes and ideas lost forever, I decided to start started this blog over a year ago as a recipe journal kind of sorts to keep track (and share!) the recipes I am particularly excited about.

I like mostly simple things and I don’t like to fuss too much for many reasons, one of them being our lack of a dishwasher. What you will find here is just what we are cooking on a day to day basis so it is (or what I’d like to think of as) accessible, affordable and honest food. I try to keep things healthy, fresh and local, when possible but we are in Canada so it is a bit difficult for certain things. And if you are wondering, I do not like pineapples. I never have. However I do keep trying and I am getting better and able to enjoy (or tolerate?) them in some ways. Anyway, I hope you like it the site, feel free to contact me and thanks for stopping by!

About the site

The site was made by my talented better half and he can be found here if you are interested.

About the Recipes

All the recipes are mine unless otherwise noted. When I adapt a recipe I note it’s origin and add a link if possible. The ingredients are usually pretty straightforward and I try to write the specifics if they are any but if you have any question, feel free to ask!


If you feel like commenting please do! I love the interaction and appreciate whatever you have to add! That said, I do moderate the comments to keep out spammers and reserve the right to not publish certain comments if they are out of line, we are here to have fun.

PR/Marketing/Product reviews

I am glad you are interested in me and the website – Thank you! – but I do not accept free samples and I do not do reviews as I do not feel comfortable promoting things I do not know much about and that I did not buy myself.